The Demers Group supports individuals, groups and organizations to "remember who they are, discover what they love and be true to themselves." We do this through masterful leadership coaching, training highly competent coaches, teams and groups in organizations. Core Alignment is our founding principle.




Trish Jamieson

"The name says it all. In a powerful and unique course introduction, I aligned with my own values and gifts. These served the foundation to support all of the amazing on-site and distance education to follow. Setting this program apart from others is plenty of practice, classmate support, access to faculty and mentored coaching sessions along the way. This has set me up for success as a coach. I have hit the ground running. Thank you Demers Group."

Jeff Hilton

"Self-awareness, tools to manage, refinement of leadership attributes - Having the Demers Group in my corner has enhanced my ability to lead and learn. I consider myself privileged to have a personalized coach. Thank you Lori-anne."

Janon Hamel

"I attended the Core Alignment course and found a treasure: my core essence. This was the promise, and it was delivered. I also learned what to do with it, which was part of the promise as well. I recommend the Demers Group and Lori-anne for the depth of her approach, the simplicity of her method, and for the living example she is of what a Master Coach is supposed to be. My encounter with Lori-anne and her course have been milestones in my life and I am forever grateful to her."