Professional Development
What if you could capture the very essence of who you are and where your real power comes from?
We work with individuals committed to revealing their gifts and passions and making them available to the world.
We work with Organizations in the Art and Strategy of Success. We use CORE ALIGNMENT™ Processes that bridge the gap between people and performance.
Lori-anne’s incredible capacity to connect with those who take part in her progams allows each learner to feel that Lori-anne is sharing directly with them.

What We Do

We focus on creating individual and cultural alignment to the core purpose that you and your organization are intent on creating.

We do this through masterful leadership coaching, dynamic facilitation and the creation of generative cultures.

I have attended the Core Alignment course from Dec 2010 to March 2011. I have found there a treasure: my core essence. This was the promise, and it was delivered. I have also learned what to do with it, which was part of the promise as well. I recommend the Demers Group and Lori-anne for the depth of her approach, the simplicity of her method, and for the living example she is of what a Master Coach is supposed to be. My encounter with Lori-anne and her course have been key milestones in my life and I am forever grateful to her. Graduate, Personal Power 2010, British Columbia

—Janon Hamel

Authentic to the Core

When Lori-anne Demers, founder of the Demers Group, started facilitating her Personal Power program 15 years ago, she could not have predicted the profound impact it would have on its participants. The Internationally accredited Master level coach developed the program utilizing ritual, metaphor, innovative ideas and spirited dialogue in a way to nurture participants’ expanded awareness of their own “core essence” and authentic self. Buy It!

Featured Program

Authentic to the Core - Weekend

Oct 2016

The Haven


The journey begins in a peaceful setting where together we use a process of ritual and metaphor, innovative ideas, and spirited dialogue . In this atmosphere of trust, love, and humour , you will reveal your core essence and purpose. During these days, you will expand your relationship with yourself so that you can step into your own opportunities for greatness.

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