Remember who you are
Discover what you love
Be true to yourself

What We Do

We focus on creating individual and cultural alignment to the core purpose that you and your organization are intent on creating.

We do this through masterful leadership coaching, dynamic facilitation and the creation of generative cultures.

Authentic to the Core

  • Remember who you are
  • Discover what you love
  • Be true to your self

We're starting our 21st year with a Multi-Generation event.

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We are celebrating the generations in 2018. Join us with your daughters, granddaughters, sons, grandsons for a multi generational weekend of remembering who we are discovering what we love and being true to ourselves. Imagine knowing your family at the level of their core gifts they bring to the world and then supporting each other to stay true to that.

I am excited that I will be there with my daughter and granddaughter.

Featured Program

Authentic to the Core - Multi generational - Victoria

Mar 2018

Victoria, BC

The journey begins in a peaceful setting where together we use a process of ritual and metaphor, innovative ideas, and spirited dialogue . In this atmosphere of trust, love, and humour , you will reveal your core essence and purpose. During these days, you will expand your relationship with yourself so that you can step into your own opportunities for greatness.