Authentic To The Core

This little white book is a simple yet profound journey to the soul. It is a journey of remembering that which we have mostly forgotten through the process of socialization. Remembering that we are a gift to the world, we have an essence of being of character that is unlike any other human being and if we don’t align our life to it and share it the world will not have it. This gift or essence is our natural self expression and when we remember what it is we return to a sense of knowing we make a difference. There are rituals and practices that are portals into your essence, when you follow the process you will come to a place where you are present to your gift and from that to your vision and mission.

Enjoy discovering and sharing who you really are with your community.

This book is a manual to live life from the depths of the truth of who you are. How I wish I had access to such a manual when I was leaving the world of academia where I had reached a recognizable level of success to search for a way to be in the world that aloud “all of me” to come forth. This book would have validated my “yearning” to BE more; would have connected me to other s with a similar urge to be part of something much bigger than myself. It would have claimed my soul and led me through a process of claiming the fullness of who I am.

—Joan C King

Cellular Wisdom

Authentic to the Core is available in e-book format and soft cover, and can be purchased online at or it can be purchased from the following retailers:

In Calgary:
The Owl's Nest Books & Gifts
In Victoria:
Munro books
Triple Spiral metaphysical store
In Duncan:
Volume One books
Gallowglass Books
Ten old books 102 - 330 Duncan Street
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