Why have a mentor? When you are going through the process of applying for your next ICF Credential it is invaluable to have a mentor observe your coaching. You are not necessarily the best judge of your own coaching. Often you judge yourself too harshly and not specifically enough. The learning is exponential when you work with a senior coach on your coaching. You are able to see and hear things that you would not have on your own. You can celebrate your strengths and successes and we together can move you into the next level of your capabilities.

It is an amazing partnership on behalf of the greater good. The good of your clients, yourself, and both of your communities that you work, play and live in.

Why me?

I have been a master certified Coach for 18 years and before that I was a leader for Landmark education. I have been training facilitators, leaders and coaches for over 20 years. I am a huge stand for the difference that authentic facilitation and coaching make in the world and because of my work with Authentic To The Core I have the ability to further bring out your true nature strengths and character.

How does it work?

We commit to 10 mentoring sessions over no more than a six month period of time, otherwise you loose the momentum.

These sessions are a mix of

  • Me observing you coach (minimum 4 sessions)
  • Me coaching you ( two sessions)
  • You coaching me (two sessions)
  • Distinguishing the ICF Core Competencies at a deeper level ( one session)
  • Completion celebration and acknowledgement. (final session)

Price: $2500 + GST (Can be done as a group sharing the cost)


Lori-anne is a great mentor to our internal corporate coaching team. She brings experience, wisdom, authenticity and patience to every mentoring conversation. Her feedback is delivered in a way that is specific, clear and thoughtful. There is always a good balance of acknowledgement and opportunity presented. We were well prepared to apply for our ACC accreditation with ICF. Lori-anne creates an intimacy with those she mentors by baring her soul and revealing her true essence. She is an inspiration.

—Donna Laitre, Organization and People development

West Jet

I worked with Lori Anne as a mentor coach for several very enlightening sessions. We arranged for some “live” coaching – I would coach Lori-Anne, and then she would review my performance and provide feedback. I was amazed at her ability to be coached in the calls and at the same time, discern – and remember! – my ability to demonstrate the coaching competencies. Lori-Anne’s feedback was “right on” and was delivered in a way that encouraged me forward (rather than feeling not up to snuff). She had an amazing ability to focus on what I was doing right and then help me see how I could build on what I was doing … while also offering me optional avenues I could have taken to strengthen my skill. Lori-Anne taught me that I can stretch and learn while being held in a space of compassion, clarity and encouragement. Working with Lori-Anne as a mentor coach was very helpful to me in my never-ending journey of becoming the best coach I can be. My work with her left me feeling competent as a coach, ambitious to improve and grounded in the value I can offer my coachees.

—Sue Pearson

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