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Creating Working Communities

We focus on creating individual and cultural alignment to the core purpose that you and your organization are intent on creating.

We do this through masterful leadership coaching, dynamic facilitation and the creation of generative cultures.

With trust, courage, authenticity and wisdom we walk with leaders in organizations to create a culture that feels like a community where people experience contribution and belonging.

What we do

The Demers Group supports individuals, groups and organizations to "Remember who they are, discover what they love and be true to themselves." We do this through masterful leadership coaching, training highly competent coaches, teams, and groups in organizations.

Core Alignment is our founding principal.

Our Philosophy

“We have inherited a very powerful ‘language of lack’ in our organizations, communities and families so we think and speak about what is wrong, who is to blame, how can we hope to fix it to avoid making the same mistakes. The focus has become on what is ‘not working’. A garden will not flourish by watering the weeds! “

We believe that where people get their personal power from is the work of remembering who you are discovering what you love and being true to yourself. We believe that what you put your attention on will grow. We believe that when people take responsibility for the difference they are here to make, have the philosophies, tools and process to make that difference their contribution will be realized in all areas of life.

Our Team

The individual coaches and trainers of the Demers Group are people who live by and apply the principals and philosophies of Core Alignment.

 Each team member has the experience, training and desire it takes to be extraordinary coaches, facilitators and trainers.

We look forward to working with you on behalf of what matters to you and how you will keep yourself your life and your organization moving towards that possibility.

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