Leadership Coaching

Frame Right
Is Leadership:

  • Inherited or Acquired?
  • Natural or Learned?
  • What kind of leader are you?
  • What motivates you?

We will work with you to access your natural leadership


The current business and economic climate demands organizations to be more than resilient. Successful businesses must be nimble. While systems and processes can be changed at will, the greater challenge lies with inspiring people to adapt to the faster pace of change. People are under increasing stress to perform better and manage change in environments where the old rules no longer apply. To quote David Quinn in his book “Building The Bridge As You Walk On It”, we all need to “build the bridge as we stand on it. When asked how people can adapt to this demand, consistently the response is “through coaching”.

Coaching is no longer a personal development program reserved for elite athletes and executives, it is now one of the tools that consistently deliver significant personal development and improved performance at all levels of organizations. Leadership coaching has a tangible impact on sustainable productivity and ROI, which is greater than the traditional approach to training.

Lasting meaningful change seldom happens for people in one-shot experiences. Unlike a seminar or workshop, coaching is an ongoing process. This process is potentially more thorough and therefore has a lasting effect. Like a personal trainer, or the coach of a sports team, a business coach helps the individual maintain a consistent focus on increasing strengths and managing whatever attitudes or behaviours are impediments to his or her full potential. Through support, encouragement and feedback coaching allows for ongoing learning and improvement.

Coaching is extremely practical, linking the individual’s needs to the organizational objectives. It requires the coach to understand the organizational imperatives, the critical success factors within the organization and the skills, behaviours and attitudes necessary to be successful within the environment.

Beyond the business environment, life continues! Since people have a life outside of work, the coach needs to understand how the external world also impacts personal energy, attitude and performance. Gone are the days when we believed that we could actually leave our personal lives outside the office. Leadership Coaching supports people in achieving the right balance by focusing on work and life.

Since it is the individual who actually implements or resists whatever change is being initiated, a coach can be a catalyst to build increased resilience, creativity and performance in the midst of the change cycle. As organizations move through one change to another, coaching is increasingly recognized as critical support for leadership and change management.

Promises of the Course

  • Evokes Natural Leadership
  • Increased quality of life
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Ability to engage others
  • Develop a coach approach to leadership

Comments from Clients:

“I have made many changes in how we all interact

“Communication has improved

“I can see results and I’m excited to make new goals and to reach them”

“I have been fortunate to have been given the opportunity to share time with Lori-Anne Demers. She brings with her a wealth of wisdom and has a knack in uncovering the root issues that are inhibiting an individual’s peak performance. She is not a Shaman that has a one-size fits all solution, but assists people on their own personal journey to discover who they are and what they truly love to do. She is humble and kind, and has a caring spirit. Her calm demeanor and strong focus on the individual makes for a powerful combination. If you are interested in truly becoming the person that you want to be deep down, I would recommend spending some time with Lori-Anne, she can help you find the answers you are searching for.”


Our coaching process is designed to deliver measurable results using a six phase model.

1. Matching Client with Coach
We offer clients an opportunity to meet and interview different coaches from the Demers Group. The success of the coaching engagement depends on finding the right chemistry between the coach and the client.

2. Determining Outcomes
We clarify expectations, roles and objectives with all stakeholders appropriate to the initiative (the client, the client’s manager, the HR business partner and the coach).

3. Gathering Information
We gather and assess information about the client’s current leadership behaviour and potential, challenges, communication style/skills, work/life values, ambitions and personal values, as appropriate.

4. Creating and Implementing a Developmental Strategy
Working together, we establish a tailored action plan designed to identify strengths, development areas, leverage points and desired leadership behaviour.

5. Measuring Results
We track success by completion of the action plan and, more importantly, by observable behaviour change.

6. Closing the Coaching Process
We establish the overall effectiveness of the process & success of the initiative. We ensure ongoing sustainability of the progress made.


Month one to three = $900 per month for three 1 hour sessions or four 45 minute sessions

Month four to six = $650 per month for two one hour sessions

Debrief and look at continuing two sessions a month