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We work with Organizations in the Art and Strategy of Success.

We use CORE ALIGNMENT™ Processes that bridge the gap between people and performance. This allows for the emergence of organizations that are artful in the understanding of human diversity and strategic in their approach to growth and longevity.

Our Approach

Frame RightLong lived organizations know their people are the key to helping them remain aligned with their original purpose and vision.

What is the story of your organization’s beginning? What does that show us about its purpose and what breathes life into it?

What kind of culture supports that purpose and vision?

We work with organizations committed to staying true to their original purpose and choose to create the kind of culture that breathes life into their people, vision and purpose.

Our guiding principles are founded in Appreciative Inquiry.

Our Process:

CORE ALIGNMENT™ Personal Mastery

  • Remember who you are
  • Discover your natural gifts and essence
  • Increase self awareness
  • Honor others’ strengths

Coach Training

  • Train individuals in a coach approach
  • Learn the philosophies, tools and processes for effective dialogue and action
  • Create an environment that will sustain the momentum

Aligning with the Organization

  • Discover the core purpose of the organization
  • Inquire into exceptionally positive moments and life giving forces
  • Create the shared vision of the future
  • Innovate ways to fulfill on that future

Our Corporate Philosophy:

  • Why do we do what we do:
  • Cororate Culture:
  • The Importance of Community:
  • The Philosophies of the Demers Group – listen