Authentic to the Core:

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We work with Organizations in the Art and Strategy of Success.

Long lived organizations know their people are the key to helping them remain aligned with their original purpose and vision. What is the story of your organization’s beginning? What does that show us about its purpose and what breathes life into it? What kind of culture supports that purpose and vision? We work with organizations committed to staying true to their original purpose and choose to create the kind of culture that breathes life into their people, vision and purpose.

We use CORE ALIGNMENT™ Processes that bridge the gap between people and performance. This allows for the emergence of organizations that are artful in the understanding of human diversity and strategic in their approach to growth and longevity.

Authentic to the Core  

Authentic to the Core for Organisations  


Leadership Coaching:

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The current business and economic climate demands organizations to be more than resilient. Successful businesses must be nimble. While systems and processes can be changed at will, the greater challenge lies with inspiring people to adapt to the faster pace of change. People are under increasing stress to perform better and manage change in environments where the old rules no longer apply. To quote David Quinn in his book “Building The Bridge As You Walk On It”, we all need to “build the bridge as we stand on it. When asked how people can adapt to this demand, consistently the response is “through coaching”.



Coach Mentoring:

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Why have a mentor? When you are going through the process of applying for your next ICF Credential it is invaluable to have a mentor observe your coaching. You are not necessarily the best judge of your own coaching. Often you judge yourself too harshly and not specifically enough. The learning is exponential when you work with a senior coach on your coaching. You are able to see and hear things that you would not have on your own. You can celebrate your strengths and successes and we together can move you into the next level of your capabilities.