Personal Power & Avenues of Expression Workshops

The foundational journey in the Core Alignment Pathway

This is more of a remembering journey than a learning journey. You were born with a gift of being a certain guardian of something the world wants and needs.

Have you ever felt that you have a fleeting notion that there is something you have forgotten about your purpose here and how to follow that? In the busyness of life and socialization, our nature tends to take a back seat to our nurture, identity, and ego. We get caught up in the tick-tock world of what we do, what we have, who we are, and what really matters to us gets a bit lost.

We are inviting you to remember and reclaim your natural gifts and by doing so make this available to others in your community. We are all connected and we can make a difference in our communities if we remember and make our gifts available.

You will have an opportunity to engage in dialogue practices and rituals that invite and allow your true essence to reveal itself in its fullness. Most people say the experience is visceral. When it arises you feel it in your body as well as know it in your mind. There is familiarity and certainty in who you truly are.

Then the question becomes how do I stay true to who I am and what matters most to me?

Through the creation of your personal vision, mission, and milestones you begin to create your own rituals and practices that allow you to stay aligned with your essence.  You have the opportunity to engage with a community that remembers who you are when you forget.





This is what we call Transformational Leaders