Coach Training

The name says it all. In a powerful and unique course introduction, I aligned with my own values and gifts. These served the foundation to support all o fthe amazing on-site and distance education to follow. Setting this program apart from others, is plenty of practice, classmate support, access to faculty and mentored coaching sessions along the way. This has set me up for success as a coach. I have hit the ground running. Thank you Demers Group.

—Trish Jamieson, Graduate, BC Cohort 1

It is an honour to be a graduate of the Core Alignment program. The mentoring, support and preparation provided me with the skills and inspiration to embrace new possibilities the health care community in which I work. The structure of the on-site sessions and weekly tele-classes helped develop strong connections and kept us accountable. Thank you Demers!

—Ruth Kerr, Graduate, BC Cohort 1

It seems that coaching is what I’ve lived my whole life up to naw preparing for. I’ve always been that guy that people are comfortable talking to, and now it’s so exciting to feel confident in the ability to take the conversation to a place of transition or sometimes transformation for the client. The “sparkle” for the client when they have those moments of discovery or staisfaction with an insight are wonderfully rewarding.

—Andy Kinmonth, Graduate, Alberta Cohort 5

…there is a discipline that I can integrate with ease and establish a new and profound way of being based in presence.

—Alberta Cohort 3 Learner

What I deeply appreciate about the entire faculty is their love of what it is they are doing. This shines through in their teaching! Each of the faculty has their own way of teaching, and this is excellent. Dale takes a complex subject, and makes it completely understandable in a friendly, easy way. His love of NLP is apparent in his actions and manners. Lori-Anne is a very “personal” person. And this comes through in her caring and sharing of her own experiences and wisdom. Nancy is straight-forward, patient, concise and to the point, and this is an excellent approach to this subject matter as we all have different levels of understanding and expectations.

—Alberta Cohort 3 Learner

Each of the coaches/instructors has been knowledgeable, accepting, encouraging…not to mention personable and fun!

—Alberta Cohort 4 Learner

…the experiential pieces and working with others. Practice is working for me and feedback from the faculty….Everything can be applied in my life and work.

—Alberta Cohort 2 Learner

Thank you for the tremendous opportunity for inspired learning, growth and brilliance.

—Daria Prysiazniuk, Graduate, Alberta Cohort 3

The benefits that I received from the ASK training, were a laser-like focus on where my strengths would be best served. It’s the perfect complement to the Core Alignment training; it is truly selling from who we really are. I couldn’t imagine a more powerful program to launch my coaching practice with.

Graduate, Cohort 5, Alberta

—Shaanen Cross

Shaanen Cross & Associates

Although I love coaching, I was not looking forward to the aspect of “building a business” to be able to coach successfully. After months of intellectual exercises focusing on marketing, such as identifying my top 3 target demographics, “branding”, business name, etc., I was thrilled to be introduced to the Authentic Sales Kit. The process inspired me to easily access the information from a place of creativity and integrity. In a matter of hours, I was able to achieve the results with which I was previously struggling – and had the added bonus of having those results immediately validated!

I am still using the ASK model as I build my business, and believe strongly it is allowing me to build the foundation which is attracting a good client base.”

Graduate, Cohort 5, Alberta

—Tarra Loïs Riley

Astara Coaching

“I found the ASK training a very solid way to finish the Core Alignment Coaching Certificate Program. It brought me right back to the Personal Power at the beginning of the program and effectively linked what I had learned about myself throughout the program with the professional coach I wanted to become. As a result I am comfortably settled in my personal brand and the natural role that’s out there for me in the coaching world. I believe my business development efforts are, and will continue to be, considerably more effective, efficient and satisfying as a result.”

Graduate, Cohort 5, Alberta

—Andy Kinmonth

Corporate Care

“I have attended several sales training programs during my career in marketing and business consulting. Most of them, never quite gave me what I needed to be effective in bringing in business (whether as an employee or as a business owner). Often the training is generic with some form of off-the-shelf personality assessment, which is usually generic itself. The ASK program was different in that it was highly personalized and deeply authentic. Understanding that my business has a personality of its own, largely reflected by who I am, and that the brand can be clearly developed by understanding the business’s core essence, was an exceptionally powerful process for me. My negative perception of the sales process has been transformed and taken on a far more exciting and positive perspective.”

Graduate, Cohort 5, Alberta

—Jennifer Koh

My Art of Change

Demers Group assisted in identifying and implementing best practices for sales planning and all of the elements of a successful sales program. This had a significant impact on the bottom line of the company. In short, this program has had a tremendous impact on both me personally and my company.

Business Development Consultant

—Kirk Williams