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Creating Working Communities

Bonnie Mcallister, ENMAX

"I had no previous experience with working with a coach or how coaching actually worked, but found having someone to discuss and work through various issues extremely helpful. I found working with Lori-anne a rewarding experience and feel that she has assisted me through some difficult work and life decisions. Coaching helps you focus on what is important and gives you valuable tools to help you move forward both in your career as well as your personal life."

Deb & Azeem, Focus BC

"Lori-Anne helped us to focus on and remember the core values and qualities that make us unique as individuals and to be true to who we are. She encouraged each of us to dream big and work hard at making our goals become reality." she was insightful, encouraging and articulate. Lorri-Anne Demers is one in 35 million. Her delivery was powerful beyond the words and empowering at the same time. We have to bring her closer to Focus somehow. Incredible find Deb!"

Jeff Hilton, SNC Lavalin

"Self awareness, tools to manage, refinement of leadership attributes – Having the Demers Group in my corner has enhanced my ability to lead and learn. I consider myself privileged to have a personalized coach. Thank you Lori-anne."

John Husch, SNC Lavalin

"A good executive coach can be your best friend and your worst enemy. This is the person that supports you in developing yourself and your organization and is a mirror when you may not want to see the image. These along with other roles are what Lori-Anne and the rest of the Demers Group have performed within our organization. For a number of years now, the Demers Group has assisted me and many members of the executive team in refining our leadership skills through critical thinking driven by our tangible experiences coupled with sound academic modeling. A great asset to my team!"

Richard Brodowski, SNC Lavalin

"I have been fortunate to have ben given the opportunity to share time with Lori-anne Demers. She brings with her a wealth of wisdom and has a knack in uncovering the root issues that are inhibiting an individuals peak performance. She is not a Shaman that has a one size fits all solution, but assists people on their own personal journey to discover who they are and what they love to do. Her calm demeaner and strong focus on the individual makes for a powerful combination. If you are interested in truly becoming the person that you want to be deep down, I would recommend spending time with Lori-anne, she can help you find the answers you are searching for."

Core Alignment Pathway

Trish Jamieson

“The name says it all. In a powerful and unique coursen, I aligned with my own values and gifts. These served the foundation to support all of the amazing on-site and distance education to follow. Setting this program apart from others, is plenty of practice, classmate support, access to faculty and mentored coaching sessions along the way. This has set me up for success as a coach. I have hit the ground running. Thank you Demers Group.“

Ruth Kerr

“It is an honour to be a graduate of the Core Alignment program. The mentoring, support and preparation provided me with the skills and inspiration to embrace new possibilities the health care community in which I work. The structure of the on-site sessions and weekly tele-classes helped develop strong connections and kept us accountable. Thank you Demers!”

Andy Kinmonth

"It seems that coaching is what I've lived my whole life up to now preparing for. I've always been that guy that people are comfortable talking to, and now it's so exciting to feel confident in the ability to take the conversation to a place of transition or sometimes transformation for the client.  The "sparkle " for the client when they have those moments of discovery or satisfaction with an insight are wonderfully rewarding."

Janon Hamel

"I have attended the Core Alignment course from Dec 2010 to March 2011. I have found there a treasure: my core essence. This was the promise, and it was delivered. I have also learned what to do with it, which was part of the promise as well. I recommend the Demers Group and Lori-anne for the depth of her approach, the simplicity of her method, and for the living example she is of what a Master Coach is supposed to be. My encounter with Lori-anne and her course have been key milestones in my life and I am forever grateful to her."

Maria Moutsov

"My profession and personal growth requires me to continuously take high caliber courses, yearly for years the best in the industry. And yet in my time of need, when I went through challenges in lifeI forgot who I am and lost my way, this course, the discoveries in this course pierced through the darkest moments with one word, one word that was mine reminding me of my "core". And with that one word I was returned to myself resulting in an ease in life attracting all th ebeauty I required and needed to be successful, to be happy, to experience joy, to love accept and appreciate. What a gift!!!"

Ryan Mullens

A couple of years ago he decided to, once again, attend the Authentic to the Core retreat. Ryan says he was a little hesitant because he wasn’t sure what type of value he’d get from it the second time around. Any concerns he had were quickly alienated. “I got extreme value from it.  The first time I had a hard time articulating what my core essence really was.  I had a sense of it.  The second time solidified everything for me.  It reinvigorated me.” “It’s like the layers of an onion.  When I was 18 it was just the start.  It was incredibly helpful.  It started me on the path of self-discovery.  Coming back and doing it a few year ago was very helpful because I’m still into personal development and moving forward.”

Cindy Tryten, Vancouver Island Health Authority

“It made me more comfortable about being my authentic self in situations that I might not have felt as confident in as before,” Cindy says. Cindy’s not the only one who has noticed the change…“I’ve got members of my team that also want to pursue Authentic to the Core because of the changes they saw in me as a result of this learning.”

Cultural Awareness

Patricia Rawson, CEO, Bridges for Women

"What I appreciated, Lori-anne, is how you pay attention to the group needs, and are such a careful listen. I also could see how you encouraged people to talk through impactful questions and reframing questions when people were struggling with answers.
Great facilitation! So present!"

Participant, Bridges for Women

"I loved the circle set up and the fluid, open discussion. Not trying to fit too much in at once and allowing space and time for discussion. Loved it! Great facilitator. Wish it could keep going."