• Corporate

    Thank you for giving me the tools and knowledge to be a better leader and to help others do the same. Excited about the ‘possibility’ of the ripple effect of this program to shape culture.




  • Professional Development

    I would send as many staff as possible to this workshop as the skills will certainly help the new facility to be a success.



  • Coach Training

    It seems that coaching is what I’ve lived my whole life up to naw preparing for. I’ve always been that guy that people are comfortable talking to, and now it’s so exciting to feel confident in the ability to take the conversation to a place of transition or sometimes transformation for the client. The “sparkle” for the client when they have those moments of discovery or staisfaction with an insight are wonderfully rewarding.

    —Andy Kinmonth, Graduate, Alberta Cohort 5


Our Clients

  • Agrium
  • Best Buy
  • Bethany Care Society
  • BMW
  • Cenovus
  • Department of National Defense
  • EnCana
  • Enmax
  • Fletcher Challenge
  • Fraser Health
  • Future Shop
  • Landmark Education Corporation
  • Laurentide
  • Malaspina College
  • Maritime Life
  • McMan Youth & Family Services
  • Ministry of Health—BC
  • Norpac
  • Palliser Health Region
  • Seagull Pewter
  • SNC Lavalin
  • Telus
  • Teachers Assoc of Edmonton
  • Westjet
  • Weyerhauser