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Have you ever stopped to notice the intense drive we human beings have to connect with each other? I have spent a large part of my life helping animals, yet in order to accomplish anything I want to do, I need to embrace connecting with other people. Our need for human connection is actually our primary survival instinct. We need to connect to ensure the survival of our species. On a more conscious level, we connect to promote happiness, joy and success in our lives.

Methods of connecting have certainly changed dramatically during my lifetime! As invested as I am in face-to-face encounters, I am finding that I really enjoy the variety of ways that have become available. In October of 2012 I attended an ICF Vancouver Chapter meeting presented by Barb Coates on Social Media. What I learned from Barb has really helped me understand new and different uses of social media tools and how important it is to keep exploring these constantly evolving opportunities.

Where is everyone? I’ve spent a lot of energy researching where and how to find my ideal clients. What networking functions should I attend? What groups should I join? What is the best allocation of my time and money? During Barb’s presentation I learned that EVERYONE is involved with social media. Please watch this 6-minute video to gain a new level of knowing where everyone is….

What’s YOUR Social Media Marketing Strategy? By The Catalyst Partner

I now realize that I have the opportunity to connect with my ideal clients by using social media resources by presenting who I am AND by setting up a search structure that matches their needs with my abilities. A website just isn’t enough anymore! Most professionals go to Linkedin to shop for services and to set up client marketing programs. YouTube is a great place to find information AND by setting up a Channel of your own, you can share what is important to you and about you. And of course, Twitter is where all the resources and references are spilling out every second of everyday.

This link has some great and easy tips for building your social media presence and strategies for client development and support…

22 Brilliant Social media marketing Tips By Ryan Moore (14 minutes)

I was very inspired by Barb Coates to jump on the learning express train of social media. I’m happy to share what I am learning and would LOVE to hear about the discoveries you find in your social media adventures. I’ll meet you there on-line!!