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This month we are focusing on the benefits and opportunities of social networking for business. Although in my reasoning mind I know and believe that social networking is the way of the present and probably the near future for connecting and staying connected to new and existing business relationships and clients, knowing this has not given me the motivation to jump in with both feet. Over the past few years, I have at least put my toes in the water and have seen positive results.

I think we enter into most new opportunities with a certain conversation that we tell ourselves about it. Mostly the conversation is around how much we do or don’t like it and is mostly based on how well we think we will do at engaging in it. As adults, in most cases we think we should already be good at something before we commit to it. When was the last time you found yourself to be really good at something before you tried it and started practicing? It’s a bit of an insane approach and yet we do it over and over again. I learned to down hill ski when I was about 43 and I cannot tell you how painful it was falling and getting up, falling and getting up. The physical pain was actually less than the pain of embarrassment. I am so glad I kept going and did not let it stop me, I really enjoy skiing now and I look and feel quite elegant (most of the time) going down the mountain – and if I really tell the truth, other than the embarrassment, the learning curve was a lot of fun.

2013 is a year of growth and expansion for us and is our motivation for letting go of old thoughts and embracing new ones. So we at the Demers Group have decided to take our engagement in social media to the next level. We are getting expert advice with support, and intend to engage fully while enjoying the new learning curve. Please forgive us in advance if we fall down the hill a few times along the way. We are looking forward to keeping our social media sites more active so that you know what we are up to. As part of this new avenue of communication, we are going to be writing a blog to share ideas, philosophies and practices with you.

For those of you still wondering if getting more engaged on line is the way to go, I invite you to interview some business people who have gone this route. Everyone I have spoken to highly recommends it.