Train the Trainer


When it comes to the art and science of personal development and organizational development, the skill and mastery of the facilitator is as important as the content, philosophies and tools they are imparting.

Our Training program for facilitators is a comprehensive three-level program that guarantees you the best facilitators in North America. Based on the feedback many of our participants have given us, we can confidently assure you of this.

Once an individual has completed the Organizational Coach Training program and demonstrates their capacity as an experienced facilitator, they can begin the training.


This is where co-facilitation of the entire program begins through observation of an experienced facilitator and delivery of some program segments. The material would be made available in advance to enable study and familiarization with the workbook and facilitator’s guide.

In this stage, the program is facilitated by the apprentice with an experienced facilitator observing and providing feedback throughout the development. The mentor would then support the strengthening of skills through further practice and suggested development areas.

At this point, the apprentice is approved to independently facilitate the program. As needed, a senior facilitator from Demers Group would provide developmental support based on self-observations and participant feedback.


Internal Trainers
The cost for training a facilitator within your organization is $2500.00 and is only possible once they have completed the Organizational Coach Training program as a participant.

The materials and intellectual property for the Organizational Coach Training program can be purchased from the Demers Group at $150 per person cost.

External Trainers
Demers Group trainers are graduates of the Core Alignment Professional Coach Training program, with extensive experience, qualifying them to facilitate this program in organizations.