Team Coaching

We accomplish in relation to others

What if each member of the team knew their strengths and gifts? What if they knew the strengths and gifts of every other member of the team?

What if they could clearly see how collectively they could fulfill on any project, goal or vision they created?

We Work With Teams Who Desire Extraordinary Results

Philosophy of Team Building

Frame RightTeam building is an ongoing process that creates a more powerful and successful group approach to shared projects and goals. It provides the team with new tools for communication, creativity, cooperation, enjoyment, success, and performance.

Today’s successful businesses have developed strong team-based processes that focus team members on:

• The Core function of the team,
• The vision the team holds for their work together
• What they can be counted on for collectively or the mission
• The values and principals that will guide their work together
• Individual strengths and capabilities
• A culture of accountability
• An environment that fosters effective communication and trust
• The processes required to help team members respond quickly to external and internal issues that emerge and must be resolved to complete their action items and achieve the team’s goals.

Recommended Process

What we recommend is a four step process that allows for integration of the learning and the groups ability to sustain this and build on what they have created over time. All too often a team building is an event rather than a process and the likelihood of it making the difference in the team’s performance and quality or work together is less than when the team is created and established over time.

1. 2 Hour Preliminary discovery session. A discovery conversation before the actual team building session to determine the specific needs of the team and the scope of the project and time together.

Frame Right2. One Day Team design session. The team design session will be an on-site, day long meeting to design the team. One key purpose of the session is to develop trust. Building trust and commitment are soft skills that can be coached along side business planning and performance management. They must all be practiced consistently and constantly if they are to be effective. The team design session is a time for the team to build a shared vision; encourage personal visions, and tap into each person’s passion and enthusiasm. The team design session will include:

• Setting the team and project vision and mission
• Establishing team values
• Defining the team goals
• Establishing ground rules for behavior, communication, and participation in the team
• Develop standards and guidelines for email and voice mail communication
• Establish foundation for the development of trust and collaboration
• Define and clarify roles and responsibilities

3. Two follow up sessions. We would want to schedule follow up sessions (two hours in length) the two months following the team building session. The team would have an opportunity to assess what is working that can be built on. What needs to be changed or revisited and what is missing for the team to be operating at its best. The fact that everyone knows there will be follow up has them keep the work that they did initially in the forefront supporting them as a team.

4. Team Assessment. Six months after the team development this can be done through an on-line survey so that each member of the team can assess how they think the team is performing. We create the assessment based on what comes out of the team development.

Cost – $5000.00

This includes preliminary meeting, full day team building, two follow up session plus analyzing and creating a report from the assessment.