Communicating Through the Differences

What’s possible?

Masterful communication enhancing the fullness of your daily interactions.

What if you could span a broad continuum of conversations from “normal” to “free for all”?

What if you had a foundation of tools for new ways to communicate?

How would your workplace be different if you understood the dynamics of challenging conversations?

We work with working teams and managers committed to effective communication in their organizations.


On-site – 3 One-Day Modules
(Designed so that participants can choose to take all three modules or only one or two)

  • Module 1 – provides a foundation of tools to participants with new ways to communicate.
  • Module 2 – builds on the skills and concepts of Module 1 and further distinguishes what conflict really is and the best approach to difficult situations.
  • Module 3 – offers additional techniques and an opportunity to work through case studies brought by participants.