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Fraser Health Authority

Prism Award

Photo of (from left to right)
Cathryn Lecorre, Lori-anne Demers, Lisa Chu:
Courtesy of ICF Vancouver Chapter

Prism Awards

Ladies and gentleman, please join us in congratulating the FRASER HEALTH AUTHORITY, Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre and their coaches from Demers Group as recipients of a 2013 International Coach Federation Prism Award.
What would it be like to work in an organization that truly embraced the vision of being a “learning community” through engaging in personal and organizational awareness using the philosophies, tools and processes of coaching? What might it be like for a patient or client to be served in this kind of environment?

The Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre built this vision into their organization’s operation from the ground up. All essential aspects were impacted, from the physical design of this new health care facility to the development of a workplace culture. The facility was designed around a unique service model that delivers patient care in a highly collaborative manner. This requires new approaches and new ways of working across 12 departments delivering different aspects of care. Leaders, physicians, physiotherapists, pharmacists as well as nurses, porters and lab technicians must work together to transcend old models by delivering a truly collaborative approach as a unified team.

The initiative began with a vision of collaboration and rapidly grew into a series of six-day training programs focused on the fundamentals of the personal power program, core alignment coaching conversations and living this continuous learning as a community. So far over 200 hundred people across the organization have completed the 6 day Creating Learning Communities program.

We also want to acknowledge the tremendous governance of the project’s senior leadership team who engage staff and physicians to make the vision and cultural change a reality. Leadership had to be present onsite providing role models to encourage and support new behavior for all this to become a living reality.

The impact has been profound – not only are there coaching conversations between leaders and team members, departments and colleagues, there are also coaching conversations between staff and patients. Front-line responsibility and accountability are evident throughout the facility, as employees feel empowered to take on issues and seek solutions serving better care and a better place to work.

Coaching truly is embedded in the culture and has resulted in the collaborative approach that is the focus of the initial vision. When a major crisis crippled a key department in another facility, the staff sprang into action and literally transformed themselves and their operation to take on the patients and services that could no longer be conducted at the other facility.

Since opening, we have heard many stories giving examples and testimonials of people living the vision. Stories from people working on site about how they are showing up as well as stories from clients and patients about the quality of the people and the care at the centre. We are very proud to continue to be a part of the vision and watching everyone at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre, living it. This is an organization that has built a culture of cooperation, inquiry, forward thinking and learning. In the words of one of the participants “We are all different but we contribute equally to improve our client’s experience at our clinic.”