Professional Development

As a mentor coach, Lori-anne Demers has assisted me on a journey through some of my toughest landscape. My learning with her about some very important parts of who I am and what I have to offer, is the basis of my growing confidence and success as a coach and organizational learning consultant. She has been unwaveringly in my court, supporting me, challenging and waiting patiently for me to ‘get it’! And I did! Thanks LA!”

—Cresswell Walker – Vancouver, BC

I got reunited with my creative side thanks to this course…

—Dr. Barry Stein – Maple Bay, BC

In a gentle peaceful atmosphere, I experienced my ‘self’ in a new and at the same time profoundly familiar way.

—Stephen Plant – Victoria, BC

Lori-anne is a very caring person and is not afraid to let her emotions show in her voice. The course was awesome, liberating and enlightening.

—Participant – Malaspina College

…Working with team development projects…we all knew that to accomplish the very best from each other, we needed more than technical skills training. We needed to really get to know the supportive strengths of each team member…We needed to find ways of motivating each other since we operated with minimum supervision.


…I participated in some communication training work with a company that Lori-anne was a part of. The positive results of that work were immediate in my personal life, and quickly moved into my working life. I was able to make a contribution to my team that made me wish I been trained this way years ago!


When Lori-anne developed the Passion and Power workshop, I was interested immediately. I thought I understood my passion. What a surprise! I loved the results of the workshop retreat and continue to feel the impact in my daily life.


Due to my experiences and interests from the past, I thought I had a pretty good idea of who I was. Passion and Power opened up an entirely new way of looking at my life. I discovered that I was much more than I thought, and being known in this new way was very exciting.


…people are no longer a particular way in my judgements…


…the real jewel in the whole discussion about Lori-anne’s work is realized when I have conversations with one of my daughters who has also done Passion and Power. Deep down inside, we parents always hope that somehow our children will ‘understand’ us.


…It was like becoming aware that, in seeking wholeness, the universe actually needs and wants my gift.


Instead of conforming to the standards of others, I can look for what I love, that I would love to spend my life doing, as a genuine expression of me!


In being true to myself, I am exploring the field of writing, and letting it all go where it may, surprising myself with poetry…


…I have been very moved when looking at human beings as natural healers…What is the result of our health, of trying to live a stressful and suppressed, unlived life?


Passion and Power has been the stepping off point, from when I first did it ten years ago to today, the launching of a new life of adventure, and of being true to myself.

—Rich Orlesky

I have attended the Core Alignment course from Dec 2010 to March 2011. I have found there a treasure: my core essence. This was the promise, and it was delivered. I have also learned what to do with it, which was part of the promise as well. I recommend the Demers Group and Lori-anne for the depth of her approach, the simplicity of her method, and for the living example she is of what a Master Coach is supposed to be. My encounter with Lori-anne and her course have been key milestones in my life and I am forever grateful to her.

Graduate, Personal Power 2010, British Columbia

—Janon Hamel

Lori-anne is a great mentor to our internal corporate coaching team. She brings experience, wisdom, authenticity and patience to every mentoring conversation. Her feedback is delivered in a way that is specific, clear and thoughtful. There is always a good balance of acknowledgement and opportunity presented. We were well prepared to apply for our ACC accreditation with ICF. Lori-anne creates an intimacy with those she mentors by baring her soul and revealing her true essence. She is an inspiration.

—Donna Laitre, Organization and People development

West Jet

I worked with Lori Anne as a mentor coach for several very enlightening sessions. We arranged for some “live” coaching – I would coach Lori-Anne, and then she would review my performance and provide feedback. I was amazed at her ability to be coached in the calls and at the same time, discern – and remember! – my ability to demonstrate the coaching competencies. Lori-Anne’s feedback was “right on” and was delivered in a way that encouraged me forward (rather than feeling not up to snuff). She had an amazing ability to focus on what I was doing right and then help me see how I could build on what I was doing … while also offering me optional avenues I could have taken to strengthen my skill. Lori-Anne taught me that I can stretch and learn while being held in a space of compassion, clarity and encouragement. Working with Lori-Anne as a mentor coach was very helpful to me in my never-ending journey of becoming the best coach I can be. My work with her left me feeling competent as a coach, ambitious to improve and grounded in the value I can offer my coachees.

—Sue Pearson

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Kathleen Bathory

I would highly recommend “Authentic to the Core”. I was facing a very frightening surgery and went to this workshop the weekend before and I’m so glad I did. I almost cancelled going due to the high degree of anxiety and fear that had come over me. By the time I left the weekend, I was not only grounded, peaceful and calm but I felt totally supported from the inside out. I was confident and completely prepared for the challenge of my journey ahead. I walked into the surgical suite with a peaceful mind, body and soul and I can honestly say the work I did at Authentic to the Core “saved me”. I continue to be ever-so-grateful to Lori-Anne and The Demers Group. This is important and grounding work.

—Kathleen Kloepfer-Bathory

Creating Impact

This has been 3 of the most inspiring days for me. I have grown from it and can say
I look at life through a clearer, sharper, brighter lens.


I would send as many staff as possible to this workshop as the skills will certainly help the new facility to be a success.


I appreciate the enthusiasm and supportiveness; the facilitators are clearly very skilled and knowledgeable.


Absolutely and by far the best workshop of this kind I have ever attended (and I’ve been to many).