• Corporate

    A good executive coach can be your best friend and your worst enemy. This is the person that supports you in developing yourself and your organization and is a mirror when you may not want to see the image. These along with other roles are what Lori-Anne and the rest of the Demers Group have performed within our organization. For a number of years now, the Demers Group has assisted me and many members of the executive team in refining our leadership skills through critical thinking driven by our tangible experiences coupled with sound academic modeling. A great asset to my team!

    —John Hutch, Senior Vice President and General Manager

    SNC Lavalin Transmission and Distribution


  • Professional Development

    I worked with Lori Anne as a mentor coach for several very enlightening sessions. We arranged for some “live” coaching – I would coach Lori-Anne, and then she would review my performance and provide feedback. I was amazed at her ability to be coached in the calls and at the same time, discern – and remember! – my ability to demonstrate the coaching competencies. Lori-Anne’s feedback was “right on” and was delivered in a way that encouraged me forward (rather than feeling not up to snuff). She had an amazing ability to focus on what I was doing right and then help me see how I could build on what I was doing … while also offering me optional avenues I could have taken to strengthen my skill. Lori-Anne taught me that I can stretch and learn while being held in a space of compassion, clarity and encouragement. Working with Lori-Anne as a mentor coach was very helpful to me in my never-ending journey of becoming the best coach I can be. My work with her left me feeling competent as a coach, ambitious to improve and grounded in the value I can offer my coachees.

    —Sue Pearson

    soma yada coaching services



  • Coach Training

    Each of the coaches/instructors has been knowledgeable, accepting, encouraging…not to mention personable and fun!

    —Alberta Cohort 4 Learner


Our Clients

  • Agrium
  • Best Buy
  • Bethany Care Society
  • BMW
  • Cenovus
  • Department of National Defense
  • EnCana
  • Enmax
  • Fletcher Challenge
  • Fraser Health
  • Future Shop
  • Landmark Education Corporation
  • Laurentide
  • Malaspina College
  • Maritime Life
  • McMan Youth & Family Services
  • Ministry of Health—BC
  • Norpac
  • Palliser Health Region
  • Seagull Pewter
  • SNC Lavalin
  • Telus
  • Teachers Assoc of Edmonton
  • Westjet
  • Weyerhauser