• Corporate

    I had no previous experience with working with a coach or how coaching actually worked, but found having someone to discuss and work through various issues extremely helpful. I found working with Lori-anne a rewarding experience and feel that she has assisted me through some difficult work and life decisions. Coaching helps you focus on what is important and gives you valuable tools to help you move forward both in your career as well as your personal life.

    —Bonnie Mcallister


  • Professional Development

    …I participated in some communication training work with a company that Lori-anne was a part of. The positive results of that work were immediate in my personal life, and quickly moved into my working life. I was able to make a contribution to my team that made me wish I been trained this way years ago!



  • Coach Training

    The name says it all. In a powerful and unique course introduction, I aligned with my own values and gifts. These served the foundation to support all o fthe amazing on-site and distance education to follow. Setting this program apart from others, is plenty of practice, classmate support, access to faculty and mentored coaching sessions along the way. This has set me up for success as a coach. I have hit the ground running. Thank you Demers Group.

    —Trish Jamieson, Graduate, BC Cohort 1


Our Clients

  • Agrium
  • Best Buy
  • Bethany Care Society
  • BMW
  • Cenovus
  • Department of National Defense
  • EnCana
  • Enmax
  • Fletcher Challenge
  • Fraser Health
  • Future Shop
  • Landmark Education Corporation
  • Laurentide
  • Malaspina College
  • Maritime Life
  • McMan Youth & Family Services
  • Ministry of Health—BC
  • Norpac
  • Palliser Health Region
  • Seagull Pewter
  • SNC Lavalin
  • Telus
  • Teachers Assoc of Edmonton
  • Westjet
  • Weyerhauser