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I have spent the better part of my adult life studying different mindful practices. Everything I learn certainly influences the way I see the world, yet I have often found myself feeling pulled between my spiritual self, and the person I believed I needed to be, in order to survive within our social and economic culture. I struggled greatly with how to bring the calm and exquisite energy I experienced from being at peace with myself into the day-to-day life of interacting within my communities. I felt divided and frustrated.

As is often the case, my awakening arose during a time of extreme pain and struggle. While in a place of suffering, I was led to Personal Power via the Demers Group Core Alignment Coach Training Program. From this program, I learned why I felt like one-person living two lives and why it had been so hard to bring all aspects of myself together. Most importantly, I learned who I truly am at the depths of my core self. Personal Power is a magnificent journey that encouraged me to access hidden parts of myself and learn who I truly am. The insightful understanding and knowing that unfolded enables me to unite within myself. I know who I am AND I enjoy discovering more of me everyday. I stand powerfully in honoring myself and others, while at the same time recognizing when my persona is at work, giving me options to make healthy choices for self-care.

I now live fully because I am aligned with a sense of wholeness. I am one. Mindful practices and rituals are an easier part of everyday because I cherish myself. My energy as a community member has changed. I have learned how to practice ‘letting go’ of my stories so that I may witness and know others. My experience with people is different as we are now partners in relationship rather than my believing I am solely responsible for controlling the outcome. Living in harmony with those around me is a much happier place and brings ease to unity.

I know there are lots of programs that can lead us through a process of exploring ourselves at a deep level. Personal Power is the right journey for me because its shamanic nature provided me with a Divine path to learn from myself. It’s a never-ending path that I am blessed to live everyday.

I am Wind, Connection.