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“Doors to Transformation Through Neuroscience” Reviews

Reviews By Tarra Riley and Carolyn Poole

Whenever I have the opportunity to attend a Joan King event, I always feel a sense of excited anticipation beforehand. I wonder what new insights I may glean, or how I may best use those new perspectives. Joan’s “Doorways to Transformation through Neuroscience” certainly lived up to my anticipation.

Not only does Joan have an inspiring, charismatic yet personable presentation style, but her content is so rich that I continue to gain new insights days, weeks, and sometimes even months afterwards. It almost seems that whatever she presents speaks directly to what I need to focus on at the time and provides me new tools, models, or deeper understandings.

What never fails to surprise me is how she seems to do this for every participant!

Concluding the day, attendees were invited to share what aspects of the workshop they would take away with them. Of profound impact for me was the discussion of how new neural pathways are created. I realized on a new level that when I start something new (or try to change old patterns, or incorporate new ways of behaving/being/acting, etc.), fear would always be present. It takes energy and repetition to create the new neural pathway, but there will always be fear. How liberating to realize that every time I fall victim to debilitating fear, I can just tell myself that I’m creating new neural pathways!

And yet, when others shared, they spoke about so many varying and sundry topics that I was overwhelmed. Where neural pathways moved me, others articulately identified themes of beauty, courage, happiness, science, and perseverance, among others. It was at that moment when I truly realized the many layers Joan incorporates in her content, to what extent her workshops truly enrich the lives of participants, and how lucky I felt to be one of them.
Tarra Riley

I recently attended the workshop, Doors to Transformation through Neuroscience facilitated by Joan King. Joan is like an iconic lighthouse lit from within. She radiates warmth, intelligence, resiliency and a no nonsense presence who calls each and every one of us to our own Greatness. Joan is clearly someone who walks her talk.

The day was packed with information and tools about how our brains work and how we, as coaches, can use this information to help our clients get out of their own way. One of the most important takeaways for me was the reminder that we are never determined by our circumstances. As coaches we are responsible for challenging our clients to notice the story they’ve created about any given situation. How does that story serve you? And if it doesn’t, invite them to adopt a proactive and conscious approach to challenges – one that asks, “What is it that I don’t know about this situation?” and “What’s a more empowered perspective on this situation?”

Another powerful take-way was the idea that with each choice we make we are “sculpting who we are”. I’ll be bringing that concept to my clients as a way of calling forth their unique form of Greatness. Thanks Joan for an inspiring day!
Carolyn Poole