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Spirited Dialogue Article: Creating Opportunities for Growth

Spring is in the air and as Rebecca (our general manager) says, it is time for us to spring into action with a new look and new ways to connect. We are now actively participating on facebook, twitter and with groups on yammer. With this in mind we felt it was time to reintroduce the Demers group and why we do what we do. It is also an opportunity to talk to you about what we mean by “spirited dialogue.”

First of all, we at the Demers Group are passionate about community. We believe that life is lived in relationship to and with others and that accomplishing anything of value or meaning is done with others. We believe that our families, workplaces and any other places we engage regularly can be experienced as places of community, places to belong, and places where we all feel we play a part and make a difference. Our work at Demers Group, therefore, is to support individuals, communities, and organizations in remembering who they are, discovering what matters to them and remaining true to themselves. This is what we believe what will enable people and organizations to grow and be inspiring. So often in life individuals and organizations forget what their core values and principals are and in the rush to do more and have more they loose sight of the very things that mattered to them in the beginning. I recently read “Onward” by Howard Schultz; it’s a very good read about Starbucks’ story, and a great example of an organization getting back to its original values. This is the kind of work we facilitate Demers Group: our coaching, training and facilitating is all about core alignment!

What is spirited dialogue? In Coleen’s article she refers to dialogue as one of the most effective forms of communication. Spirited Dialogue is all about engaging in the conversations that allow for creating the kind of person or organization you want to be known for. It is the willingness to be bold, audacious and authentic. In this issue we discuss the power of language and the doors to transformation. Language is the tool we have that sets us apart. What if EVERYTHING we author and spend our precious time speaking about seriously mattered to us in a powerful way? You will find that the words you use and how you use them shapes your world and your outcomes.

Welcome to our new Spirited Dialogues – we hope you enjoy the concepts. Please come and visit us on facebook and twitter – you’ll find links in the footer of this page.