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Story By Terra Baum, Written By Shay Carter

When I was nineteen I had a strong drive to be mentally and physically active. I challenged myself in ways such as mountain biking, going to college, and getting my pilot’s license. I also took the Personal Power Program offered by the Demers Group. It was there where I learned that my core-passion is adventure. During that time, I suffered an almost fatal car accident, which left me no choice but to discontinue everything I was working toward in order to put my energy into healing. For the next six years all I could do was heal. Through Avenues of Expression I learned that the things I was doing to be mentally and physically active were not my sole passions, they were just expressions of my core -passion; adventure. So with that being known, I was not defeated by the fact that I could no longer ride my bike, go to college, or take my pilot’s license. The program allowed me to have hope for the future, which in turn allowed me to heal. With that, I was able to have a positive outlook from something that otherwise would have been negative. Fourteen years later I am fully recovered and enjoying every bit of life.

I decided to become a life coach because the endless positive possibilities appealed to me. I love that each client’s core-passion is already there within them and it’s just a matter of asking the right questions to reveal and reunite them with this passion. Once their passion has been uncovered, the gift fills them – the same gift that filled me – hope.

When I graduated from the Core Alignment Coach Training Program on December 7, 2012, I had a vision that I would coach outdoors while kayaking, hiking, and being in nature. Knowing myself at my core, I saw that bringing adventure to my coaching would facilitate extraordinary results for my clients. Today I have two clients that I coach outdoors, and my vision provides extraordinary results. I see that my individual expression of my core-passion is not only a means for me to access my life, but it is also a means of access for my clients and my community. They can relate to the energy I bring, and great results occur during the coaching sessions. In turn, it invites clients to bring all of who they are to their game every day. Their positive and hopeful energy gets filtered back into our community, creating an inspired, lit-up atmosphere for us all to be.

This authentic, empowering community is exactly the place I want my children to grow up.