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At least ten years ago maybe more people started saying to me – you should write a book, my response (as those of you who know me would get) was “write your own damn book I am happy doing what I am doing” underneath that was probably something like “I am a story teller not a writer!!” Then one day many years later someone said “it is such a shame that more people cannot have access to the gift of personal power.” In that moment I saw that I; by being unwilling to consider writing was keeping the conversation that we had been having very limited. So I considered writing a book with much trepidation. I knew I did not know how to write a book. I also knew that I had a friend who did have some sense of what it took to write a book. So Rich Orlesky and I sat down and mind mapped out the first ideas for the book. That was two years ago and here we are. I looked at the book today and I felt a sense of pride and being of service to people. I will explore with you the journey I have experienced in these last two years of actually writing the book over the next while. In the meantime if you have done this or are considering it please share with us what is has been or is like for you.