Frame Left Name: Terra Baum
Company: Demers group
Demers Role: General Manager
Demers Teams: Alumni
Leadership Team
Specializes in: Coaching, facilatating and supporting the Demers group
Biography: Terra was raised in an environment of limitless possibility. Being the daughter of Lori-Anne Demers, the founder of the Core Alignment coaching program, has laid a foundation for lifelong transformational growth. She moves to the beat of her own drum and her magnetic energy pulls all those around her to seek their own greatness. She leads by example and lovingly walks with people as they reconnect with there authentic selves. Her spirituality is the foundation to her coaching, with unwavering trust that everything is exactly the way it is meant to be right now her clients experience profound results. Terra has been engaging transformational work since she was eleven years old and believes in continued education, learning and growth. She is a graduate the Core Alignment coaching program and has received her certificate for facilitating the Authentic To The Core retreat through the Demers Group. For Terra, both the coaching school and the retreat have felt like coming home. It was as if she got a language to something she instinctively knew. Terra’s vision is a world where life occurs with grace and ease when we are aligned and connected with our higher purpose. She can be counted on to lovingly listen and surrender to what’s so on behalf of this vision. She also shares the Demers Group vision that coaching will no longer be a profession and be the conversational model of the world. She sees a future where her children and grandchildren speak of abundance, appreciative inquiry and what’s working in the world, where we look at our strengths and build on them. Personally Terra is a single mother of two amazing children and uses coaching philosophies’ in her parenting. She is very active in volunteering in her community, she loves weight training, ridding her motor bike, swimming, cooking, dancing and loving and living life to its fullest.

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Story By Terra Baum, Written By Shay Carter When I was nineteen I had a strong drive to be mentally and physically active. I challenged myself in ways such as mountain biking, going to college, and getting my pilot’s license. I also took the Personal Power Program offered by the Demers Group. It was there […]