Frame Left Name: Jevon Hills
Company: El Camino IT
Demers Role: Demers Associate and IT Partner
Demers Teams: Alumni
Leadership Team
Specializes in: Coaching, Facilitation, Software Developer and IT Specialist
Clients: ICF Calgary, ICF Edmonton, Demers Group, Astara Coaching, Shaanen Cross & Associates, Nancy Loraas
Biography: It has been said, “Jevon is like an El Camino because he’s versatile, unique, and shamelessly authentic.” Jevon has been involved with coaching and personal development for over fifteen years as a client, solo practitioner and most recently as a coach and facilitator. Using his various life experiences and skills Jevon is honoured to serve individuals and groups in achieving their own goals in an arena that has served him immeasurably. Jevon is a Certified Professional Coach and also holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Tuba Performance, a post-graduate diploma in Object Oriented Software Technology, both from the University of Calgary. Jevon takes pride both in his educational accomplishments as well as their diversity, as these have enabled him to develop and nurture a wide range of skills and talents.

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