Frame Left Name: Cathryn LeCorre
Company: Cathryn LeCorre Core Alignment Coaching
Demers Role: Demers Associate
Demers Teams: Professional Development Team
Specializes in: Transformation, Community, Leadership
Biography: Cathryn brings her experience as a burned out leader in health care to help others shift from resignation, conflict and overwhelm to courage, compassion and creativity. Cathryn helps leaders and change agents to shift accountability from other people’s expectations and social norms to lead from the core of who they are. And as a result, they begin to orient from internal purpose with courage knowing they are on the right path. They strengthen their ability to self-differentiate and to make decisions with clarity and compassion. They begin to focus on the most important things and build conditions for energy, creativity and joy to expand. Building on her first program of Authentic to the Core (Personal Power) in 2004, Cathryn embodies leadership as a lifestyle. She believes that becoming fully who we are is required to build healthy and happy organizations and communities that create results we want. She is excited to offer the next evolution of the work with “Aligning with the Core”. Cathryn is certified in several leadership development modalities including Human Systems Dynamics, PROSCI Change Methodology, Feminine Power Transformational Leadership, Clear Leadership, Coaching out of the Box, Meyers Briggs Type Indicator and Erickson College Professional Coaching Certification. Her Masters of Education focused on weaving the threads of participating consciousness by integrating earth based spirituality, leadership and adult education with community and international development.