Frame Left Name: Coleen Doucette
Demers Role: Demers Associate
Demers Teams: Alumni
Professional Development Team
Leadership Team
Biography: Coleen Doucette’s specialty is in developing proactive communication systems through the avenues of leadership coaching, team facilitation, conflict resolution, and mediation. She is a Certified Professional Coach, a graduate of Demers Group Core Alignment Coach Training in Vancouver, British Columbia. Coleen is certified through the International Coach Federation and an Associate of the Demers Group Organizational Programs. As a student of the PULSE Institute, Coleen has achieved certifications in both basic and advanced levels of Mediation. As a PULSE Practitioner, she has developed exceptional skills for implementing communication structures within corporate work environments. Coleen has a broad scope of experience handling conflict resolution, facilitation of complex meetings and mediation. Coleen has been fostering team performance and mentoring accomplished leaders for the past 30 years while developing an extensive leadership background. Her experience includes retail operations and management, directing animal health care programs, founding and directing two non-profit organizations, and managing operations within the emergency response field. Over the course of her accomplished career, Coleen’s approach to leadership has remained committed to the importance of team dynamics. She firmly believes that individual’s strengths are the core of organization and corporate capability and success.

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I have spent the better part of my adult life studying different mindful practices. Everything I learn certainly influences the way I see the world, yet I have often found myself feeling pulled between my spiritual self, and the person I believed I needed to be, in order to survive within our social and economic […]



Have you ever stopped to notice the intense drive we human beings have to connect with each other? I have spent a large part of my life helping animals, yet in order to accomplish anything I want to do, I need to embrace connecting with other people. Our need for human connection is actually our […]


The Backbone of Flourishing Cultures

During the industrial age, most company’s primary objective was to make products and sell them for a profit with little consideration of the quality of the work setting. Employees learned the technical skills needed to build these goods. The more adept an individual became in their role of creating the product, the more valued they […]


Choosing Conversation

WOW, there’s such a variety of ways to describe “conversation” out there in the world! And many ways that authors categorize them, but I found little to no focus on who people are BEING in conversation. What I’ve learned by observing communication through a lens of intention is that how people speak to each other […]