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The Course Leader (not this Course) is sitting in front of 30 of us and is saying nothing since he came into the room and took his seat up there. The Company had scheduled this as a team training exercise. Time begins to drag and yet…nothing.
Someone pipes up. “How long are we going to just sit here?”
“Well, I don’t know. It is your course.”

A few more big gaps of silence, a few comments, more silence. Then some real conversation started to appear regarding the purpose of this gathering. The critiquing and objections regarding this methodology finally began to be replaced by what the course could be about. The Leader began to engage. Soon there was a new energy of possibility and we became fully involved in creating something. It was no longer something the Company chose for us. We owned that room!
We had moved away from the way some corporate trainings go, “Tell us your stuff and we will vote on it.”

Near the end of a Personal Power retreat in Fairmont, a retreat participant whose Power Name is FONI (Greek for VOICE) mentioned that…okay, it is my Power Name…I mentioned that perhaps a book might be written about the retreat.
When I said the above, I was also looking around at the 23 other participants to see who would step up so I could support that person. I love to be a part of a team.

Skip ahead a few months and there I was, filling up my wastepaper basket with reams of crumpled up drafts, my first sense of trying to capture the spirit of the retreat on paper is showing up like a formidable task, to say the least. Could it even be done? That was the case for Rich…but FONI was only interested in keeping pen to paper. Keep writing, we are here to be Voice. Syntax? That is for the critics, not us!

While uncertain about the results of those early writing attempts, nevertheless I was thrilled with the whole activity. I felt alive and energized, unsure if the end game would show up as a personal essay, a magazine article, perhaps a blog.
FONI was often keeping me up until the wee morning hours and becoming quite a pest, putting thoughts and ideas into my head when I should be getting my solid eight. Yeah right! I let him out of his cage and now I get to play with him at all hours!

My ‘writing a book’ concerns did seem to relate to when I sat in that room with that Course Leader. So, my ego was wrapped up in, “I don’t want to write some stuff and have it be voted on.”

Then one day, Lori-anne called me and said she was planning to put the retreat into book form and invited me to be a partner co-author. We chose a time to meet and do a mind-map. We then had a conversation of non-attachment to the results. Interesting how providing a way out was like allowing one to take one’s foot off the brake of over-caution. Finally for me, Authentic to the Core was launched!