Core Alignment Coach Training partners with Rayner Institute – Press Release
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Core Alignment Coach Training partners with Rayner Institute – Press Release


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Core Alignment Coaching – Mark Rayner
Contact: Mark Rayner
Cell: 587-580-7331
Core Alignment Coaching Program Going Global!
Lori-anne Demers, founder of the Demers Group, created the Core Alignment Coaching Program with the clear vision to train excellent, intuitive and confident coaches who coach at a transformational level.
Often described as a visionary, Demers had designed coach training programs for Royal Roads University and Erickson College when she realized there was a unique component of self discovery that could only be incorporated if she were to offer it in her own training program.
“Coaches who engage in their own personal development are ones who are most able to be confident and competent in their own abilities,” says Demers who has successfully graduated elite level coaches from the Core Alignment program for the last 6 years.
So, when Mark Rayner, Executive Coach and founder of the Mark Rayner Institute, proposed a partnership and creation of an on-line distance learning platform, Demers was thrilled to expand the program to graduate an International class of transformational coaches.
The opportunity to partner with the Demers Group and provide elite coach training to a world-wide audience at a more affordable tuition has Rayner similarly enthused. “I’m excited I get to work with the brilliance of the material and with the Demers Group. It’s great to partner with like-minded, passionate people dedicated to the transformation of others and the success of their students,” Rayner exclaims.
And what can students expect from this program in which the nature of the on- line format could include learners from several continents in the same class?
“They will get so much out of it themselves in terms of personal development that they can’t help but grow and have a higher quality of life from this program,” Rayner answers. “This training can only make them better coaches, teachers, and healers for others.”
What is additionally exciting about this International Coach Federation accredited program is that coaches at all levels can benefit. This program is tiered so that those wishing to start coaching are able to get the training for their first ACC accreditation, while already accredited and practicing coaches can get the education requirements for their next PCC, or MCC levels.
Ensuring a consistency in quality and integrity of the Core Alignment program, Lori-anne Demers, Master Certified Coach, will remain as the Director of Training working alongside many of the remaining faculty.
The partnership with the Mark Rayner Institute ensures that the Demers Group’s vision for the Core Alignment Coach Program not only remains intact, but has global accessibility to an emerging class of elite transformational coaches.
The Demers Group works with organizations committed to staying true to their original purpose and who choose to create the kind of corporate culture that breathes life into their people, vision and purpose.
The Mark Rayner Institute is an ICF accredited coaching school founded by Executive Coach and Behavioural Specialist Mark Rayner
If you’d like more information about this program, or to schedule an interview with Mark Rayner, please call him at (587) 580-7331 or email