Authentic to the Core – Book Launch Parties
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Authentic to the Core – Book Launch Parties

The book launches

I had no idea what a book launch was or should look like. Probably more accurately I had a less than positive notion of what a book launch was. I pictured being in a large open room with a big table separating me from you, from the people who came to share in the celebration. All very cold and formal and not a lot of fun!

To my delight our two celebrations in Calgary and on Vancouver Island of the accomplishment of allowing my work to go out into the world through Rich’s and my writing was nothing like that. They where both in environments that where warm and cozy, inviting and social. People mingled and shared, ate lovely food and had drinks together. We all experienced opening the boxes and seeing and feeling the little white book called Authentic To The Core together for the very first time. It was delightful. The signing of the book was done side by side and was heartfelt.
One of the highlights for me was at the second celebration at my home on Vancouver Island. My grandson 7 year old Eron picked a book from the basket they sat in he held it close to his chest and with sincerity and a humble look about him he came over to me and said “Ama may I buy one of your books?’ I was moved to tears. He then asked me if I would please sign it for him. After when he read what I had signed out loud he then read the dedication above to Terra. He looked up at me and said “this is for my Mom isn’t it?”

I hope that in some way for all who read the little white book you have access for yourself to whatever it was that allowed 7 year old Eron to just be in the moment sharing his authentic self.

Warmly, Lori-anne

The launching of ‘Authentic To The Core,’ or the ‘Little White Book’ as it is being called, is definitely the highlight of my co-writing experiences. I could just give the ‘societal normal’ response about how the evenings were ‘awesome and amazing.’ Of course they were, and more than that was present for me.

First, let me just say that it was great to stand beside Lori-anne as her co-author, and know that she would rescue me when I fumbled my words. Bringing my various degrees of excitement, fear, appreciation, vulnerability, awe, thrill, was fun as well when I could notice my persona wanting to try to make me look ‘cool.’ Good thing I noticed the price label still stitched to my jacket sleeve about 10 minutes before I arrived at the Calgary venue.

As both evenings progressed, the more I understood how wonderful the guests were, in that they were not only friends but representatives of a combined community effort of authoring, editing, providing testimonials, feedback, book formatting, and the learning curve of self-publishing. We were at the front of a unique (I love that word ‘unique’ because it is so inclusive) learning that would nudge the readers into the depths of their lives as lived through their Essence. I couldn’t help asking the guests what their Essence is. Am I still on a bit of a high of appreciation? Yes, because of who showed up, either in person or in their best wishes for the book launch. One more thank you to Lori-anne, Terra and the Demers Group for trusting us in this writing of the book that wants to happen.

Rich Orlesky

Calgary Launch

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